Seasonal Rates

Seasonal rates vary by a large number of factors including, location, size of the lot, nearby amenities, as well as the services on site. HST is applicable on all rates and charges. For information on what a specific site open site would cost please visit our open seasonal site list click here.

2018 Rates

Site Serviced-EWS 1 $3550.00
Site Serviced-EWS 2 $3793.00
Site Serviced-EWS 3 $3981.00
Site Serviced-EWS 4 $4150.00
Site Serviced-EWS 5 $4647.00
Site Serviced-EWS 6 $5409.00
Site Serviced-EWS 7 $5989.00
Site Serviced-EWS 8 $4776.00
Site Serviced-EWS 9 $9998.00
Site Serviced-EWS10 $10945.00
Hydro Deposit $300.00 no tax  (electricity used billed at end of season against deposit)
Winter Storage on site 2018 $250.00

Various optional services

Annual Golf Cart Registration Fee $250.00
Boat  Launch

Boat Slip


$500.00  (in addition to boat launch fee )



Bar Code Sticker each purchase
Replacement Bar code sticker


Guest fees

Guest/Day/per Adult $5.00
Guest/Day/per Child ( children 5 and under are free) $2.50
Guest/Overnight/ per Adult $10.00
Guest/Overnight/per Child ( children 5 and under are free) $5.00
Car for Day or Overnight/per night $5.00


Storage fees

Indoor winter storage  for a car                            $250.00
Indoor winter storage boat or trailer per foot   $15.00
Outdoor winter storage in designated area       $250.00

Outdoor storage in designated                            $89.99 ( May to end of Sept)

areas only in season per month

Prices are subject to change without notice.