From rustic cabins to larger, luxurious cottages, we offer a variety of options for enjoying the natural beauty of Lake Belwood and the surrounding area. View rental rates for our cottages, cabins, and more below.

Cottage Rates

Cottage per night (Weekend)* — $239.00
Cottage per night (Weekday) — $199.00
Cottage per week — $1274.00

*Weekends include Friday and Saturday nights, and Sundays of long weekends.

Cabin Rates

Cabin per night — $109
Cabin per week — $654.00

Other Fees

Boat Launch per day – $10
Boat Dock per day – $30 (includes launch)

Guest Fees

Adult per day – $10
Child per day – $5
Adult per night – $15
Child per night – $7.50
Car per day/night – $5

All prices are subject to HST. All prices subject to change without notice.

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