The seasonal camping rates at Highland Pines vary based on a number of factors, including location, lot size, nearby amenities, as well as the services on site. For more information on the cost of a specific site without a trailer, please visit our Open Seasonal Sites page.

Seasonal Fees


Site Serviced-EWS 1 — $5,738.00
Site Serviced-EWS 2 — $6,145.00
Site Serviced-EWS 3 — $6,358.00
Site Serviced-EWS 4 — $6,569.00
Site Serviced-EWS 5 — $7,045.00
Site Serviced-EWS 6 — $8,014.00
Site Serviced-EWS 7 — $8,752.00
Site Serviced-EWS 7B — $8,364.00
Site Serviced-EWS 8 — $7,209.00
Site Serviced-EWS 9 — $12,020.00
Site Serviced-EWS 10 — $13,074.00

Marina Fees

Boat Launch (Seasonal) — $250.00 + HST
Full Dock Slip (Seasonal) — $650.00 + HST
Half Dock Slip (Seasonal) — $325.00 + HST

Other Fees

Annual Hydro Deposit — $300.00*
Annual Golf Cart Registration Fee — $250.00
Barcode Sticker for each purchase — $25.00
Replacement Barcode Sticker — $10.00

*Electricity used is billed at the end of the season against the deposit.

All prices are subject to HST. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Seasonal Guest Fees

Seasonal owner visitors can now enter and enjoy the park at no extra cost! Seasonal owners and visitors must abide by the following terms and conditions:

    1. Seasonal owners or the adult occupants listed in the seasonal contract must be present at the campground at the time of their guests’ visit.
    2. Guests are the seasonal owners’ responsibility while on campground property and as such their behaviour will be reflected upon the seasonal owners’ contract and may have a direct effect on their occupancy.
    3. Guests must follow and abide by all  the rules detailed in the seasonal contract as well as the guest rules and policies.
    4. Guest must register prior to entering park.
    5. Guests who fail to register prior to entering the park are considered trespassing and will be charged as such.
    6. There is to be no more than 8 people on a site at any given time.
    7. If seasonal owners wish to exceed 8 people on the site at any given time you must obtain written permission, guest fees may apply.

Indoor & Outdoor Storage Fees

Indoor winter storage for a car — $350.00
Indoor winter storage for a boat or trailer —$15.00 per foot
Outdoor winter storage in a designated area — $250.00
Outdoor in-season storage in designated areas — $89.99*/ per month
Outdoor Storage per year – $650.00

*The season lasts from May to Thanksgiving, Monday.
All prices are subject to HST. All prices are subject to change without notice.

For seasonal site and group camping inquiries, please contact the main office at (519) 843-2537 or via email at

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